Hey Bruisie –


It is 3 a.m. and only the glow of the TV screen is available to guide me. But I just could not resist the opportunity to tell you just how much I love you and how much more meaningful life is, now that you are here.

You are getting so big!

Yesterday, I had to adjust your jumper because you had gotten taller. My, how you love that thing! You jump so high and smile so wide when you are in there.

Sometimes you swing around in it like you are using a hula-hoop. But right now, you are sleeping peacefully with a bottle in your mouth.

You are so cute!

Granted, you have had a great deal of gas tonight, and my enchanted visions of you are frequently interrupted with loud “toots.”

But that is okay. You take after me in so many ways.

When you are awake, I like to feel your knees – they are so soft.

You have not yet started to crawl, but once you do, your knees will never be like that again, so I try to cherish the moments while they are here.

You have really amazed me in the past week or so because you are becoming able to stand up on your own. Yes, you need a little holding from your mom or me – we either hold your hands or your hips; but then, you do all the rest.

You lock your knees, plant your feet, and look around. You seem quite proud of yourself and so am I. The only problem is that when I exclaim “Good boy!” you get excited and go kerplop, right into my lap.

We all had our pictures taken the other day, and you were so funny. The photographers were trying to get you to smile and you refused. They tried everything. They used muppets, toys, funny voices, and funny faces and the whole time you just looked as if to say, “lady, what the heck is wrong with you?” 

I asked them to let me try; I did the “I’m gonnnna getcha, getcha, getcha!” and you smiled so big. We are going to have some great pictures of you.

Now that the weather is warm, you are going outdoors more.

Boy, are you fascinated by the outdoors! Indoors your attention span is only about fifteen minutes for any given activity.

When you are outside, and are sitting on my lap on the patio, you want to look around at everything and take it all in. We can be out there for thirty minutes or more and you are so content just watching the trees sway in the wind and listening to the birds chirp.

You also like to watch our pugs, Petunia and TaterTot. It is hard to know for sure, but I would not be surprised if you grow up to love the great outdoors.

Well, it is now 3:35 am and you still have that bottle in your mouth, and there you go again; farting up a storm. That’s my boy!


Love you kiddo –



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